Bottled Water vs Tap Water in Australia: Which is Better?

Despite having access to some of the highest-quality tap water in the world, Aussies still spend a substantial amount on bottled water. This comprehensive article on Bottled Water vs Tap Water examines the various facets of bottled water and tap water, offering a detailed comparison to guide Australian consumers in making an informed choice.

Quality and Safety

Tap Water:

  • Regulated Quality: In Australia, tap water is known for its exceptional quality. It comes from regulated, reliable sources and undergoes rigorous safety testing before reaching households. This ensures that tap water is not only safe but also a healthy choice for hydration.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Water utilities in Australia are committed to ensuring the safety of drinking water. They conduct continuous monitoring and perform thousands of tests annually to maintain water quality. This rigorous process includes filtering, settling, coagulation, and disinfecting, ensuring that the water is free from harmful concentrations of chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Stringent Criteria: When it comes to quality, tap water in Australia must meet more stringent criteria than bottled water. The rigorous standards and constant monitoring make tap water a very safe choice for daily consumption.

Bottled Water:

  • Regulatory Standards: Bottled water in Australia is regulated by the Food Standards Code, which stipulates specific safety requirements that must be met. While generally purified to a higher standard than tap water, bottled water’s quality can vary depending on the brand and source.
  • Marketing and Perceptions: The popularity of bottled water in Australia is largely driven by marketing strategies that portray it as more “pure,” using images of natural springs and pristine mountains. This has created a perception of bottled water being superior to tap water, despite the lack of significant differences in purity and health benefits.

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Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of bottled water is a crucial aspect to consider. Research has shown that the production required for bottled water consumption significantly impacts ecosystems and resource extraction costs. This impact is far greater than that of tap water, highlighting the environmental friendliness of tap water over bottled water.

Health Benefits

While both bottled water and tap water serve the primary function of hydration, there are slight differences in their composition that might influence consumer choice:

  • Bottled Water: Some individuals might prefer bottled water due to its higher purification levels, making it a suitable option for those with sensitive stomachs or specific medical conditions that require purer water.
  • Tap Water: For most people, tap water in Australia offers the same health benefits as bottled water. However, in some areas, tap water may contain varying amounts of chlorine or other additives, which can affect its taste and quality.


Soda Tap Water: A Viable Alternative

Soda Tap offers innovative systems that significantly enhance the tap water experience. These systems are designed to provide twin-filtered sparkling, chilled, and ambient water, transforming ordinary tap water into an effervescent and enjoyable beverage. The key features of Soda Tap’s systems include:

  • Advanced Filtration: Soda Tap’s systems use the Nanoscreen+™ twin-stage filter system, which incorporates state-of-the-art technology to ensure clean and pure water. This system reduces chlorine, pesticides, and other chemicals by up to 90% and eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
  • Sustainability: By using Soda Tap’s systems, consumers can reduce their reliance on plastic water bottles, contributing to environmental sustainability. The filters used in these systems are sustainably manufactured, further enhancing their eco-friendly credentials.
  • Health and Safety Certification: Soda Tap Australia has received the WMTS-105 Watermark Certification, ensuring that their products are fit for purpose and safe for use. This certification guarantees that the water dispensed by their systems is free from harmful substances, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers.
  • Enhanced Hydration Experience: Soda Tap’s systems not only provide clean and safe water but also transform the way individuals perceive hydration. The addition of natural FLAVR drops offers an added fun element, especially for children, making water consumption more enjoyable.


Cost and Convenience

While bottled water offers convenience, it comes at a significantly higher cost compared to tap water. Over time, the expense of purchasing bottled water can accumulate, making it a less economical choice for daily hydration needs.



The choice between bottled water and tap water in Australia is a multifaceted issue that involves considerations of quality, safety, environmental impact, health benefits, and cost. Australian tap water is renowned for its high quality and rigorous safety standards, providing a safe and healthy hydration option for most consumers. In contrast, bottled water, while also safe and regulated, poses significant environmental concerns due to its production and consumption impact, and often comes at a higher cost. Additionally, innovative solutions like Soda Tap’s systems offer a sustainable and enjoyable way to enhance tap water, further emphasizing the viability and benefits of tap water over bottled water for everyday use.