Commercial Applications

Sodatap’s range of sparkling water dispensers are suitable for commercial applications such as cafe’s, clubs and workplaces.

For Cafe’s

Consider the potential cost and environmental benefits a café could realize by discontinuing the use of bottled water, and opting to refill their glass containers with sparkling water sourced from their in-house Sodatap system.

How much profit are you leaving on the table by not investing in a sodatap for your cafe?

For Offices & Workplaces

Could you see an increase in productivity in your workplace by installing a Sodatap in your office or workplace? We all know that adequate hydration is essential to well-being and focus. Studies have concluded that sparkling water is just as hydrating as still water

Multiple Options

Sodatap sparkling & filtered water systems not only dispense Twin filtered, refrigerated sparkling water, but also chilled still and ambient still water to cater for all preferences.  

Certified & Tested

Our systems are Watermark and RCM tested, approved and certified which means they are suitable to be installed by a licensed Plumber. Non Watermark approved products cannot be legally installed by a Plumber and could void your insurance. 

Watermark WMTS-105 Certification RCM electrical certification logo



Our Sodatap 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 systems are extremely economical to run at an average of only around 2.8w per hour. To put that into perspective, most modern energy saving LED regular house globes use around 10W per hour!

Using a 2.6kg Co2 bottle, you can get up to 600L of chilled sparkling water, which equates to around 6c per litre!

In commercial Sodatap installations where space permits, a larger Co2 bottle can be used further enhancing economy and reducing costs. 


The Sodatap STM1 under-bench unit common to both the 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 systems has a 3.3L soda tank capacity which refills, chills and carbonates automatically, whilst the chilled still water utilises a direct chill method. This means the STM1 is capable of dispensing unlimited chilled, filtered still water and around 6l of chilled, filtered, sparkling water per hour, perfect for small cafe’s, offices and sporting clubs.

Australia Wide Professional Installation

We also offer an Australia wide installation service for both residential and commercial applications. Read about our Professional installation option.