How Much Does A Sparkling Water Tap Cost?

There are many benefits of having chilled filtered and sparkling water on tap at home. Having an easy access, endless and convenient supply can increase the ease and likelihood of reaching daily hydration goals.

Studies have linked adequate hydration, and particularly sparkling water consumption, to a host of health benefits, such as:

Sparkling water mocktail

Other benefits of having your very own supply of clean, chilled still and/or sparkling water at home are:

Sparkling Water Tap Brands

In Australia, there are 3 main manufacturers of filtered and sparkling water taps

  • ZIP
  • Billi
  • Sodatap
Sparkling water tap cost comparison infographic
To answer the question of how much does a sparkling water tap cost?, we need to factor in all costs such as:
  • Purchase cost
  • Consumables costs
  • Installation cost

For the purpose of this article we’ll try and compare apples with apples, so we’ll be looking at taps that dispense chilled filtered still and chilled filtered sparkling water. We will ignore boiling water taps and cover the pros and cons of boiling water taps elsewhere.

We’ll also compare the ‘residential’ range of products these manufacturers offer rather than their ‘commercial’ range, if applicable.

The prices we found below were straight from the manufacturers websites and there may be better deals from resellers available. We didn’t look at energy consumption as specifications weren’t available from all manufacturers.

A sparkling water tap system usually consists of a dispenser tap, under-bench carbonation & refrigeration module, filter system, co2 bottle and regulator.


Zip Celsius tap

By far the largest manufacturer of the 3 brands, Zip has a history stretching back to 1947 when it began as a water heater manufacturer.

These days, it is owned by US corporate giant Culligan International Group which reportedly paid around $550 million for it in 2017.

Zip has a range of taps including all in one taps that dispense:

  • Filtered chilled still
  • Filtered chilled sparkling
  • Ambient & hot unfiltered tap water

Zips all in one range consists of the Celsius Arc and the new Celsius Plus (the latter has a pull out sprayer)

Zip Hydrotap

ZIP all in one purchase costs

Celsius Arc $5495 – $5995 depending on finish selection.

New Celsius Plus $8695 -$9795 Note – this version appears to only be sold through selected retailers and not directly from the Zip website. The price we found was from Google shopping and appears to include the boiling water function as mandatory.

Zip also have a range of 2 in 1 taps which generally are fitted alongside your main kitchen tap as they don’t dispense regular tap water, but dispense:

  • Filtered chilled still
  • Filtered chilled sparkling

Zip 2 in One Purchase Costs

There are several 2 in 1 tap designs to choose from such as the Arc, Classic Plus, Cube Plus and Elite Plus with pricing between the models very consistent. During price checking we found that all Zip 2 in 1 tap models were priced at between $4995 to $5495 depending on the finish chosen.

Zip Consumables costs

  • Single filter cost $212 per 6 – 12 months
  • Co2 cartridges are disposable and $235 for  a twin pack of 1.okg
Zip hydrotap filter
Zip Co2 cannister twin pack

Zip installation cost

  • Zip certified installation $499 

Zip notes

  • No Zip models appear to include an ambient filtered option
  • Free shipping on all systems
  • Most expensive sparkling water taps out of all the choices to purchase and operate
  • We couldn’t find any Google reviews, but the Zip Hydrotap had a 2.8/5 rating on Product Review
  • 3 year warranty plus 2 year additional tank warranty


Billi Home CS dispenser tap

Formerly also owned by Culligan International Group (the same owner as Zip), Billi was sold to Strix Group Plcx, based in the UK.

Billi’s range of residential sparkling water taps is limited to just one model, the Home CS (B3000).

The Home CS comes in one shape and has a choice of chrome, brushed and Matt black finishes. It dispenses:

  • Filtered chilled still
  • Filtered chilled sparkling

Billi  have no “all in one” option so you can’t replace your kitchen tap with one, the Home CS is designed to work alongside and in addition to it.

Billi’s offerings appear to be simpler than some of the other manufacturers with no LED lighting, touch screens or electronic tap interface. Some may find this as a positive whilst others may like to have a bit more bling!

Billi Home CS purchase costs

$3,277 – $3,301 depending on finish chosen

Billi consumables costs

  • Single filter cost $174 per 6 – 12 months
  • Co2 cartridges are disposable and $219 for a twin pack of 1.okg or $149 each if purchased individually
Billi Home CS filter B3000
Billi Co2 Cannister

Billi installation costs

  • Billi certified installation $385

Notes on Billi Taps

  • No Billi models appear to include an ambient filtered option
  • Free shipping on all systems
  • 4.7 star rating on Google
  • 2 year warranty

Sodatap Australia

Sodatap 5 in 1

Australian family owned and operated.

Sodatap have two distinct models:

  • The 3 in 1 – dispenses filtered ambient, filtered chilled still and filtered sparkling. Designed to work alongside and in addition to your existing kitchen tap.
  • The 5 in 1 – dispenses filtered ambient, filtered chilled still and filtered sparkling as well as unfiltered ambient and hot regular tap water.

Sodatap 5 in 1 purchase cost

$1899 – $1980 depending on finish chosen

Sodatap 3 in 1 purchase Cost

$1799 – $1880 depending on finish chosen

Gun Metal Grey C shape soda tap

Sodatap consumables costs

  • Twin filter cost $88 per pair, per 6 – 12 months
  • Co2 bottles are refillable and cost $79 – $89 to purchase, they can be refilled at any home brew store for around $30 – $35
Co2 bottle
Nanoscreen+ twin water filters

Sodatap installation costs

Notes on Sodatap

  • Both the 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 are able to dispense ambient filtered water
  • Shipping on all systems is a flat rate of $19.95 Australia Wide
  • 5 star rating on Google
  • Least expensive option to purchase and operate
  • 3 year warranty
Zip vs Billi vs Sodatap Price comparison


It’s best practice to not only compare purchase costs, but also ongoing costs for consumables like Co2 and filters.

Price doesn’t always reflect quality as other factors such as overheads and retail sales margins must be factored in. Ensure you choose a sparkling water system that fits in with your budget, personal tastes and  preferences.