Is Sparkling Water Good For Weight Loss?

Looking for a refreshing drink that can help with weight loss? Sparkling water contains no calories or carbs and there is some emerging evidence that it may assist weight-loss. Read on to discover if there is any truth to this and what the evidence says.

Sparkling Water and Weight Loss

Sparkling water is usually filtered water that has been carbonated to give it an enjoyable fizz. It is often consumed unflavoured or with natural essences such as our Flavr drops range, making it a great calorie and sugar free healthy beverage choice. Emerging research suggests that sparkling water can be a beneficial aid in weight loss. These findings suggest that if you’re looking to control your weight, sparkling water could be a fun and helpful option. Here are some ways it may be able to help shed those excess kilos:

1. Sparkling Water Calories

Sparkling water has no calories or sugars, in contrast to sweetened sodas and other drinks. Sparkling water may be used to dramatically lower your total calorie consumption in place of high-calorie beverages. Since it fosters an environment in which your body begins using fat stored in your body as energy, this calorie deficit is crucial for weight reduction and fitting back into those old blue jeans you’ve been missing!

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2. Hydration and Fullness

The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to stay hydrated. Like still water, sparkling water keeps you hydrated without adding extra calories. Additionally, the sensation of fullness that sparkling water gives may help prevent overeating and excessive snacking.

Studies have found that carbonated water may help food stay in your stomach longer, adding to a sensation of fullness and in a controlled study, participants reported higher fullness scores after drinking carbonated water vs still water.

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3. Aids in Digestion

Studies have pointed to carbonated water ingestion improving average bowel movement frequency in stroke victims and a 58% reduction in constipation symptoms. (

Ingesting water with any meal is always going to be beneficial in terms of aiding digestion and keeping you hydrated, yet it seems sparkling water may have a slight edge when compared to tap water.

Sparkling Water Tap Systems for Home

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For sparkling water drinkers, installing a sparkling water tap system in your home or workplace may assist your efforts to lose weight. With these cutting-edge systems, you can enjoy the utmost in convenience by always having sparkling water on hand without having to deal with the trouble and environmental consequences of purchasing pre-packaged bottles or cans. In many cases this can lead to an increased daily water intake, which can be fantastic for you and your family’s health. Sparkling water tap systems for home and work are becoming more and more popular in Australia, offering a sustainable and economical way to enjoy sparkling water in comfort and they’re often a big hit with the kids!

Check out our Soda Tap sparkling water systems and discover the other benefits having effervescent joy on tap can bring to you and your family.