Professional Installation Australia Wide

Professional Installation Australia Wide


Hassle Free Installation Australia Wide

We wanted to offer our customers hassle free, professional, prompt and affordable installation solutions, so we partnered up with the best Plumbers in the business. We have a team that are certified to perform nation wide, professional installation of all Sodatap systems.

What’s included :

Residential or commercial installation and commissioning of the Sodatap system within 50km of any major city (contact us first if outside these areas)

Cutting shelving (if required) to fit STM1 machine under-bench. Note – The installation plumber will carefully select the most suitable tool for the task and strive to achieve the cleanest cut possible. While this will generally be considered aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to keep in mind that certain space constraints may influence the final outcome.

Drilling through laminate or timber benchtops if required (only required when installing 3 in 1 system)

Connection to power and water within 1m of the STM1 under-bench unit

What’s not included :

Extra fittings, additional power and water work, non standard additional requirements, reattendances.

Drilling through stone benchtops- Note, this is not usually required for 5 in 1 tap installation as it generally replaces the existing tap and the existing hole can be re-used. In some 3 in 1 tap installations (the 3 in 1 works alongside your existing tap) a 26 – 30mm hole may need to be drilled prior to installation. This can usually be completed DIY or by a Stonemason.

View the manual here for installation requirements

How does it work?

We’ve tried to make it as easy and seamless as possible for you

Simply add this item to your cart and purchase it with your Sodatap system

A copy of your order details will be sent to our plumbing partner so they’ll be expecting your contact

When your order arrives, call the plumbing partner, quote your order number and book a suitable time for the installation.

It’s that easy!

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Your Questions Answered

Our products have  lower upfront and running costs than our competition yet are high quality. We achieve this by our ‘Direct to Consumer Online’ approach, which cuts out the huge margins regular retail stores need to add to products. 

we are also 100% Australian family owned and operated and pride ourselves on fantastic customer service. 

Sodatap systems are very economical to run at an average of around 2.8w per hour. To put that into perspective, most modern energy saving LED regular house globes use around 10W per hour!

Using a 2.6kg gas bottle, you can get up to 600L of chilled sparkling water, which equates to around 6c per litre!

Through testing and research, we found that the hot water function is the root cause of most of the reliability issues our competitors face, (think of the scale that builds up in your kettle). We also felt that despite safety measures, boiling water units still have the capacity to cause serious burns. In order to make the most robust, reliable, user friendly, safe and best value system we could, our 5-in-1 and 3-in-1 systems do not utilise a boiling water function.

Whilst a Sodatap installation is relatively simple, we always recommend professional installation. Incorrect installation can void your warranty. It is also important to check your local laws regarding DIY installation. Detailed installation instructions arrive with your system and are also located on our Installation Page

We recommend you replace the filters every 6-12 months, dependent on usage or when flow reduces. 

A Sodatap system comprises of 3 main components :

  1. A dispenser tap, available as a 3 in 1 (works alongside your existing tap), or our 5 in 1 (replaces your existing tap). These taps are available in different finishes and shapes to compliment any home style.
  2.  STM1 Under-bench refrigeration/carbonation & filtration module. This is the heart of the system whilst remaining compact and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Co2 bottle for carbonation.

  When a beverage selection is made via an electronic touch pad (3 in 1) or electronic rotator dial (5 in 1) the tap sends a message to the STM1  module telling it what beverage to send through the drinking water tube. 

If you select the 5 in 1, (replaces existing tap, so doesn’t require any additional bench holes) you may be able to refit the existing tap when you vacate and leave no trace of a Sodatap having been there, so you can take it with you. Please check that the under bench STM1 unit will fit without cutting shelving first though.

 The STM1 chilling, carbonation & filtration module is 39cm H x 24cm W x 37cm D 

A ventilation gap of at least 150mm should also be added to the rear and sides.

We also offer different size Co2 bottles 

0.9kg = 330mmH x 100mm diameter

2.6kg = 470mmH x 140mm diameter

If you have selected Professional installation with your order, the installer will cut any shelving as required for the installation and this is included in the standard pricing

We offer a 30 day, no hassle Guarantee. You can send your item back for a full refund or if you would like to swap the tap for a different colour or shape, we will happily oblige. See our warranty & returns page for further details. 

Absolutely! It’s one of the things that puts us ahead of our competition. For around $35 you can get your 2.6kg bottle refilled at any home brew supply store. There are usually multiple stores in all cities. That beats paying $149 for a 1kg bottle that has to go in the bin when it’s empty!

Our comprehensive warranty lasts 3 years. Read our Warranty Policy for full T’s & C’s.

Yes, you can use a Sodatap with a rainwater tank provided the pressure is 150Kpa or above and the water is suitably pre filtered for sediment.

Sodatap systems are certified to be installed in commercial premises and can help increase profit margins and customer satisfaction ratings for cafe’s & restaurants. There  can also be multiple benefits for workplaces, such as increased focus and productivity, as well as employee happines. Please read more on our For work page.

Yes, as long as it is protected from weather. Sodataps can also be installed where there is no sink underneath and instead, our drip tray can be used.

No, our 3 in 1 system can be installed over our drip tray instead. This means you can position the tap anywhere in your kitchen or Alfresco without being restricted to only positioning on a sink. 

Yes, and all our pricing is GST inclusive. We can provide a Tax Invoice for your purchase if required.