About Us

Where It All Began


My name is Dan and I’m the founder of Sodatap, but my most important job is as a father of three beautiful young girls in Perth,  Australia. The photos you’ll see on our website and social media are real, they’re of our family, doing real family things! 

Why Sodatap?

Being a family of 5, I was frustrated at having countless half empty Sodastream bottles in the fridge, and a Sodastream dispenser that took up room on our kitchen bench area. A much-needed solution was required!

So after nearly 2 years of R&D, quality testing & refinement, we have developed a fun, easy, healthy and cost-effective way for you & your family to enjoy twin filtered, sparkling, ambient and chilled water in the comfort of your own home, just like we do!

We developed a “direct to consumer” business model to keep Sodatap affordable for families. We chose this rather than add the huge margins retail stores need to cover their overheads.

Why’d it take so long?

Our Sodatap system is Watermark approved which means it has undergone thorough testing in Australia to make sure every drop of water that enters your body is entirely safe and free from harmful substances. Whilst this was not mandatory, and our products exceed requirements, we wanted to offer the safest and best quality products possible.

We really believe in this product. Sodatap has helped us all increase our water intake and has contributed positively to our health. We want the same for you! 

Tried And Tested

We have trialled this tap in our own kitchen before sending it to yours & found it to be a game changer! Our 7-year-old now gets herself soda water instead of asking for cola and other sugary drinks. Our teenagers have fun experimenting with different flavours and adding fruit to make “Mocktails”.

Sodatap has helped increase their daily water intake which can only have positive health benefits for our growing children! I’ve even found I am drinking more water and the fridge door remains closed for more than 10 seconds at a time!

Enjoy Sparkling Water Anytime