Enjoy Water, Your Way
Twin Filtered: Sparkling, Chilled, & Ambient, on Tap
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Enjoy Water, Your Way
Impress dinner guests, cook without chemical tastes, and Improve your family's health today
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Enjoy Water, Your Way
Cutting edge technology, style, and opulence awaits
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Stylish & functional options to suit you

Sodatap systems are available in multiple shapes & finishes and 2 different models:

The 3 in 1 Tap system – Designed to work alongside your existing kitchen tap and dispense twin filtered sparkling, chilled and ambient water through a sleek, LED lit touch screen interface.

The 5 in 1 Tap system – Designed to replace your existing kitchen tap and dispense twin filtered sparkling, chilled and ambient water through a stylish, LED lit rotary dial as well as regular hot & ambient tap water through a traditional mixer.

Both systems comprise of a dispenser tap, under-bench chilling, carbonation & filtration unit, and a Co2 bottle.

Water, Made Better

Imagine impressing your dinner guests by serving clean, cool sparkling water on tap, enhancing your family’s health & hydration, and cooking without chemical tastes. 

Indulge in the extraordinary with Soda Tap’s Sparkling Water system. Turn your ordinary tap water into an effervescent sensation and feel refreshed, hydrated and focused to tackle your day. Using our certified, cutting-edge technology in your home or workplace, refreshment knows no bounds.

Transform the way your children perceive hydration by turning water into something they truly enjoy and try our all natural FLAVR drops for added fun!

Improved Health

Studies have linked sparkling water consumption to:

Weight loss – “significantly increased fullness as well as decreased hunger ratings were observed” (1), (2) 

Improved digestion & reduced constipation – “improves dyspepsia, constipation and gallbladder emptying” (3), (4)

Improved cholesterol levels – ” Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk indexes (total cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol) were markedly reduced” (5)

Zero Calories

Installing a sparkling water tap and drinking more water can offer several health benefits and increase overall well-being. Sparkling water from a tap encourages you to consume more water throughout the day, as it becomes easily accessible and convenient.

Proper hydration supports bodily functions, helps regulate body temperature and digestion. Sparkling water is calorie-free, making it a great alternative to sugary beverages like soda and juice. By choosing sparkling water over high-calorie drinks, you can reduce your overall calorie intake which assists weight loss.

Advanced Filtration

Our Trademarked Nanoscreen+™ Nanoscreen + logo Twin stage filter system incorporates state-of-the-art filtration technology, ensuring clean and pure water, so you and your family can rest assured you’re not consuming any nasties.

We’ve also taken the hassle out of filter changes by making the process super simple, we’ll even send you reminders when replacement is due. 


Reduces chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals by up to 90%.

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria such as e-coli and staphylococcus.

Contains activated, non-toxic nano silver impregnation technology which prevents bacteria from re-growing.

Are sustainably manufactured using coconut shells.


Environmental Benefits

The U.N has predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! 

  •  2.5 million tons of Co2 is released into the atmosphere annually from the water bottling process.
  • Disposable water bottle waste kills 1.1 million marine creatures every year.
  • Bottled water is tested for microbes and other pollutants around 4 x less than tap water.

Imagine having your very own, clean, chilled and sparkling water source right in your kitchen.

Not only can this help reduce use of plastic water bottles, but other fizzy drink bottles too!

Certified to the Highest Standards

Sodatap Australia are proud to have received WMTS-105 Watermark Certification.

Watermark WMTS-105 CertificationWaterMark product certification protects community health and safety. A certified product is fit for purpose and authorised for installation by a licensed Plumber. It’s also guaranteed to be suitable for use by you, your family and your friends.

We guarantee that each and every water droplet that enters your body is free from harmful substances. Our commitment to excellence led us to provide the safest and highest-quality products available.

Don’t gamble your health with un-tested products! 

Cost Saving

Our 2.6kg gas bottle can carbonate up to 600L of sparkling water, at $35 per refill that equates to only around 6c per litre, whilst our energy efficient STM1 chiller & carbonation unit can cost as little as $11 per year to run, saving you $ on bottled water and fizzy drinks.

Easy Risk Free Guarantee

Not only do we offer a 3 year comprehensive warranty, but we are so confident that our Sodatap will improve your life and your health, we offer a Risk Free Guarantee. If, within 30 days you change your mind, simply send it back and we’ll refund the purchase cost to you, no hassle and no questions asked. You literally have nothing to lose!

To go one step further, if you decide you have chosen the wrong colour tap, we’ll exchange it for you free of charge^

^ excludes installation cost (if applicable), item must be returned in good condition.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

We take pride in delivering top-notch products for every home and business in Australia. With a strong family-based commitment to quality, our systems not only elevate your lifestyle, but also contribute to a greener future for all Australians.

How do they work? Please watch below

Enhance Your Water With FLAVR Drops

FLAVR is a Premium sugar free flavouring agent for soda water and still water. It is highly concentrated and made from quality 100% natural ingredients. It is calorie free and adds fun to water, encouraging you to increase your daily water intake easily and enjoyably!

Your Questions Answered

Our products have  lower upfront and running costs than our competition yet are high quality. We achieve this by our ‘Direct to Consumer Online’ approach, which cuts out the huge margins regular retail stores need to add to products. 

we are also 100% Australian family owned and operated and pride ourselves on fantastic customer service. 

We generally use TNT Express with an average delivery time Australia wide of 3-5 business days

We offer a 30 day, no hassle Guarantee. You can send your item back for a full refund or if you would like to swap the tap for a different colour or shape, we will happily oblige. See our warranty & returns page for further details. 

Our comprehensive warranty lasts 3 years. Read our Warranty Policy for full T’s & C’s.

Sodatap systems are very economical to run at an average of around 2.8w per hour. To put that into perspective, most modern energy saving LED regular house globes use around 10W per hour!

Using a 2.6kg gas bottle, you can get up to 600L of chilled sparkling water, which equates to around 6c per litre!

Whilst a Sodatap installation is relatively simple, we always recommend professional installation. Incorrect installation can void your warranty. It is also important to check your local laws regarding DIY installation. Detailed installation instructions arrive with your system and are also located on our Installation Page

We recommend you replace the filters every 6-12 months, dependent on usage or when flow reduces. 

A Sodatap system comprises of 3 main components :

  1. A dispenser tap, available as a 3 in 1 (works alongside your existing tap), or our 5 in 1 (replaces your existing tap). These taps are available in different finishes and shapes to compliment any home style.
  2.  STM1 Under-bench refrigeration/carbonation & filtration module. This is the heart of the system whilst remaining compact and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Co2 bottle for carbonation.

  When a beverage selection is made via an electronic touch pad (3 in 1) or electronic rotator dial (5 in 1) the tap sends a message to the STM1  module telling it what beverage to send through the drinking water tube. 

Our 5 in 1 tap is considered “high flow” at 9.2L per minute when the valve is opened fully. This makes rinsing and filling up the sink easy and fast. Please view our Youtube video Unfiltered Flow 

If you select the 5 in 1, (replaces existing tap, so doesn’t require any additional bench holes) you may be able to refit the existing tap when you vacate and leave no trace of a Sodatap having been there, so you can take it with you. Please check that the under bench STM1 unit will fit without cutting shelving first though.

 The STM1 chilling, carbonation & filtration module is 39cm H x 24cm W x 37cm D 

A ventilation gap of at least 150mm should also be added to the rear as that is where the cooling fan is located.

We also offer different size Co2 bottles 

0.9kg = 330mmH x 100mm diameter

2.6kg = 470mmH x 140mm diameter

If you have selected Professional installation with your order, the installer will cut any shelving as required for the installation and this is included in the standard pricing

Yes, the carbonation level is easily adjustable via the included regulator.

Through testing and research, we found that the hot water function is the root cause of most of the reliability issues our competitors face, (think of the scale that builds up in your kettle). We also felt that despite safety measures, boiling water units still have the capacity to cause serious burns. In order to make the most robust, reliable, user friendly, safe and best value system we could, our 5-in-1 and 3-in-1 systems do not utilise a boiling water function.

Absolutely! It’s one of the things that puts us ahead of our competition. For around $35 you can get your 2.6kg bottle refilled at any home brew supply store. There are usually multiple stores in all cities. That beats paying $149 for a 1kg bottle that has to go in the bin when it’s empty!

Yes, you can use a Sodatap with a rainwater tank provided the pressure is 150Kpa or above and the water is suitably pre filtered for sediment.

Sodatap systems are certified to be installed in commercial premises and can help increase profit margins and customer satisfaction ratings for cafe’s & restaurants. There  can also be multiple benefits for workplaces, such as increased focus and productivity, as well as employee happines. Please read more on our For work page.

Yes, as long as it is protected from weather. Sodataps can also be installed where there is no sink underneath and instead, our drip tray can be used.

No, our 3 in 1 system can be installed over our drip tray instead. This means you can position the tap anywhere in your kitchen or Alfresco without being restricted to only positioning on a sink. 

Yes, and all our pricing is GST inclusive. We can provide a Tax Invoice for your purchase if required.